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Brief Rules:

1. The goal of the Puzzle is to change the red squares to green - You can click on green squares only
2. The green square turn the other two squares to the opposite positions
3. The letters and numbers around the puzzle determine the coordinates of the squares
4. The letters and numbers on the squares are clues
5. Clue contains two coordinates of squares (separated by a plus)
6. E.g: A3+B2 means that when you click the square, the squares at coordinates A3 and B2 are rotated to the opposite position
7. When you play "Tutorial", you should after each turn of the square, read the tips in the section "How to play XuoXu"
How to play Xuoxu:
The goal of the Puzzle:  In the best time change red squares to green (the last red square will automatically change to green). 

1. Start with clicking on the “Green Square” 
2. Several things have happened. The green square, which you have clicked on, has turned red and two other ones have turned in opposite directions – in this case, from red to the green one. Continue with clicking on the green square A3 (marked with a yellow arrow). 
3. Notice letters and numbers surrounding the puzzle. These letters and numbers make up for coordinates of squares (similar to chess). Each square turns two different squares exactly. In “Tutorial” and “Practice”, each square includes clues for easier playing as to which squares are going to be turned. Continue with clicking on the green square B2 (marked with a yellow arrow). 
4. Only a green square can be turned. In this “Tutorial”, you are guided in a way so that your completion of the task was the briefest. Outside “Tutorial”, however – in “Practice” and “Challenge” tabs – it is only up to you which green square you are going to turn. Continue with clicking on the B3 square. 
5. As has been already mentioned, the square which you click on will turn red under any circumstances. The squares, controlled by a square,on the other hand,  will turn in the opposite direction. That is, if the controlled square is red, it will turn green and the green one will turn red. Continue with clicking on the C2 square. 
6. An ideal turning is when you manage to turn two red squares into green ones. It is often enough to succeed in turning at least one square from red to green color. The worst case would be turning two green squares into red ones. Continue with clicking on the C1 square. 
7. Now you find yourself in a situation when it is not possible to turn two red squares into green ones and it is necessary to think over possible moves which would lead to solving the puzzle as quickly as possible. In this case, the fastest and the best solution is to swap the C2 and C3 squares. Therefore, click on the B1 square which is marked by “C2+C3” in the clue. 
8. You have achieved several good things with this clever move and you will need them to complete the puzzle. For one, you have succeeded in changing the C2 square from red to green color (in this way, it is possible to turn it again), and the same square can be used for turning two red squares B1 and C1. Also, the square B1 turns the C2 and C3 squares which will remain the last unturned ones. Continue with the C2 square. 
9. The situation is not always that easy and everything gets more and more complicated with the increasing number of fields. It can sometimes happen that you will block the puzzle because you don’t pay attention – you will turn the squares so unfortunately that none of these would stay green. This state is called “Epic Fail” and you can get out of it by clicking on the picture. You will automatically return to your last move. In “Tutorial” or “Practice” you may also return your moves by clicking on a curled arrow in the top left corner. Complete the puzzle by clicking on B1! 
10. CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully completed “Tutorial”. The puzzle of the same layout may be solved in many various ways. Don’t hesitate and continue with “Practice” so that you reach the best times and defeat your opponents. :) 
The Novice Rules:
The rules are very simple. You should start with turn over green square. After you turn over a green square, you have to turn over two squares with the blue border preciselly. 
The Practice Rules:
It may not be obvious at first glance, but you can taught the puzzle very well. What you find almost unsolvable at the beginning will be after a few succesful resolves easy and you will be ready for bigger challenges. You can set the basic settings of the puzzle by clicking on the gear wheel next to the name "XuoXu Puzzle". Increasing or decreasing the puzzle by one or two squares can have a major impact on increase or decrease in difficulty. However, turn off hints certainly means a completely different experience even with playing the same size :) 
The Challenge Rules:
The "Challenge" rules are the same as rules in "Practice", but diffenence is, that hints on the squares are disabled and function move back is also removed. In this conditions the Puzzle uncovers its True and Cruel Face! :D So, Are you Smart ehought to Beat It!? :) 
The goal of the Puzzle:  In the best time change red squares to green (the last red square will automatically change to green). 
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Rooms and environment for multiplayer online competitions is in development 
Tournments and Events
We believe that the pandemic situation will calm down enough in the future and it will be possible to organize tournaments or just meet XouXo fans. 
Origin of the puzzle
Hey all smart brains! 
XuoXu puzzle came into my mind when I was waiting really very long time& for a lated train (Ah the Czech Rails...) 
At that time, I remembered a movie from Vietnam, where a poor child was playing a game with small coins on a dirt road in front of the house (the Vietnamese penny is Xu) - maybe it was just metal plates or wheels. 
I didn't have a computer or phone with me, nothing at all, just a few small coins in my pocket. I put them on the table in the waiting room and started to put them together in various combination.  In the end, I was most interested in the algorithm which was the base  for to develop the puzzle. 
How XuoXu Helps You
The XuoXu puzzle is great for to help 
you developing or practicing perception 
and concentration. However, if you play 
without hints, it also trains 
your memory a lot. 
The XuoXu puzzle will find application 
for children in development as well as 
people who want to keep 
their brain in good condition. 
XuoXu On Cell Phone
Although a mobile phone application 
is being prepared, the website 
is designed to be very convenient 
to use on a smartphone! 
Don't let your head blow up!